Monday, December 18, 2017
Articles of Note

Articles of Note

Browse Articles, News Stories, Opinions, Essays, Features, Book Reviews around the web at one place at Arts & Letters Weekly. We put together best articles, news stories, opinions, essays, features and book reviews from across the humanities. Arts & Letters Weekly gathers best news stories, reviews of art, music and film, editorials and opinions from various print and web sources like the New Republic, Guardian, The Smart set, The Nation, The New Criterion, The Onion, Slate, etc. and puts it all onto one website. It looks scholarly and bland, but It's actually a nice overview of the world and worth exploring if you have interest in what's going on in all sorts of places.  It's always fresh and always relevant.

Cynic’s Progress

Cynic’s Progress

H.L. Mencken called Ambrose Bierce America's one genuine wit, but the satirist ended up far better known in death than in life... Read more

Speak, Butterfly

Like his writing, Nabokov's scientific obsession with butterflies was rooted in nostalgia. He was a taxonomist in a time machine... Read more 
The Daily Beast

BLOOMSDAY The Letter That Paved the Way for ‘Ulysses’

On December 15, 1913, Ezra Pound wrote to an unknown Irish author, James Joyce. The letter set in motion a literary revolution... Read more
Geoffrey Hill in 2013 CREDIT: CLARA MOLDEN

Geoffrey Hill: ‘poetry should be shocking and surprising’

Teaching people to write is charlatanism, says Geoffrey Hill. More therapy than poetry. 'The idea that you write to express yourself is revolting?... ...
Malcolm Cowley, 1930.

The Making of American Literature

He discovered Faulkner, Kerouac, and Kesey and helped start the careers of Kazin and Trilling. Yet Malcolm Cowley is so little remembered... Read More 
P.G. Wodehouse’s study, painted by John Fisher

Dead men’s pens: reinventing Wodehouse, Austen and Chandler

A reimagined Emma, a new Marlowe mystery. Fun. But literary revivals are perilous: like ?gnawing on the corpse of one of the mighty dead?......
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News

The Super-Rich Are Ruining Art for the Rest of Us

The upper reaches of the art world are marked by an absence of principle, taste, and embarrassment, says Jed Perl. Art is now a...

The Artful Accidents of Google Books

The art of Google Books. Tobacco stains, wormholes, dust motes, ghosts of flowers pressed between pages. And an index finger wrapped in hot pink...Read...

Critical thinking #4: Daniel Mendelsohn

?Undergraduates should be kept away from theory at all costs,' says Daniel Mendelsohn. They should read Kael, not Derrida... Read More
The inspiration for Baron de Charlus

What’s In an Anniversary?

How to spot a Proustian: Louboutins and tailored skirts, gold jewelry and well-tied scarves. Cashmere on the men. After all, Proust was a dandy...Read...

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